About the Artist

Dart FrogThanks for checking out my website. My name is Ryan Jordan. I’ve been “creating art” ever since I could lift a crayon. In the past few years, I’ve taken it from a casual hobby to a passionate career path. Working on art and seeing it completed brings me great joy and satisfaction. There’s always a dog or a cat nearby during this process, usually interrupting for some affection.


Ryan and EdenMy artwork is inspired by nature particularly odd creatures and pets. I work in a variety of mediums but focus mainly on acrylic, gouache and pen and ink. I have several styles that I work in. I tend toward bold bright colors in paint. In pen and ink, I range from bold and bright all the way to black and white. I’m always trying new methods and ideas.


15726646_10212014158411898_5071668732851505707_nI also throw some photography into the mix, also focusing on nature and animals. My pets and my garden are my typical subjects, but I also enjoy hikes with my dogs and photographing the wildlife we encounter.


donut!In addition to art, I enjoy gardening and I cultivate a large vegetable and flower garden and several tropical terrariums. I particularly like miniature ferns and other tiny tropical plants, and large philodendrons. I keep some exotic pets as well, including a hedgehog and snakes.


Charlie and RyanI hope you enjoy what you see here! The gallery continues to grow as I add new pieces.